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Accelerate Your Education.
Advance Your Career.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) is designed to fast track adult learners to a degree or certificate. Balancing a busy schedule means you can’t always put your life on hold to continue your education. With CPL you can save time by turning your prior work and life experiences into college credits, allowing you to achieve your academic and career goals more quickly. How can you seek credit for your prior learning?

Getting Started

Explore the Possibilities

Learn more about Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) and the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) initiative, Grant Programs, and industries.

Summarize Your Experience

Start the ball rolling! Launch our user-friendly Credit for Prior Learning Wizard to document your knowledge and build your prior learning portfolio.

Determine Your Path

Select your target institution from our list of participating colleges — and choose your academic areas of focus — based on your prior experience and career goals.

Submit for Evaluation

With a user account that you create and manage, you can complete and submit one or more CPL Petitions.