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Life Experience Equals Knowledge.
College Credit Equals Opportunity.

Your life experience is valuable. Now you can apply that know-how towards earning your certificate or college degree on campus or online. With Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), we can potentially reward the knowledge you’ve gained over the years by translating those learning experiences into college-level coursework. Save money and complete your degree faster by demonstrating what you already know through workplace experience and training, military service, professional certifications, or your volunteer service. Start the process to get college credit for your work experience today.

See How Other Students Transformed Life Experience Into College Credit

Experience Earns College Credit

There are many ways to earn college credit for the knowledge and experience you already have!

Show Me How!

Credentials Equal College Credits

Your credentials and professional certifications may be worth college credits!

Find Out Now!

How the Credit for Prior Learning Process Works

Step 1: Create

Create your profile using our Credit for Prior Learning Wizard, a brief questionnaire where you can select your desired college, enter your previous experience, and connect with a specialist about your credit for prior learning options.

Step 2: Review

Your specialist at the college of your choice will discuss your background with you to identify classes that will give you the best opportunity to get academic credit based on your unique experience and career goals.

Step 3: Submit

Your specialist will confirm your credit for prior learning options and tell you how to proceed at your chosen college. Where appropriate, you will be guided through the process of creating an online portfolio for review by college faculty experts. Get the credit you have earned!

Participating Massachusetts Community Colleges

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